Our commitements

SPX is committed to a global approach of continuous improvement: technical, environmental, economic and commercial. This commitment is only effective if accompanied by partnerships with expert bodies. You will find in this tab the SPX specific commitments.

Sustainable development

Development objectives that are part of the sustainable development policy. Energy saving: helping our customers meet the new energy standards (RT 2012: <50Kwh.m2 / year). Search for innovative solutions allowing the reduction of energy consumption for the same luminous result, decrease of the maintenance. Communication with the environment of the lighting system to take into account: the contribution of natural light and the presence of people. SPX integrates the recyclability of the materials used in its development specifications.

Lifetime and Warranty

SPX warrants that each of its products is free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is valid for the period specified in the product data sheet unless otherwise stated in your sales contract. If a Product does not operate in accordance with this warranty, SPX will replace it at no charge, subject to the limited warranty terms.

Standard and quality

Our design procedures integrate the international standards of lighting and lighting, rigorous selection of suppliers is an integral part of management’s commitments. We are committed to creating the most favorable conditions for the permanent enrichment of the team in its profession and to make Quality its ardent obligation. The implementation of our Quality system must be thorough and sincere and must meet the requirements of the quality standards of our business and the expectations of our customers.