Our ethics

Our ethics


Facing major structural changes within our society, SPX LIGHTING has sought an appropriate response to various issues such as the control of the raw material supply chain, the harmony of its offers with the new expectations of its customers and its engaged responsibility as a key player in societal choices.

This eco-design approach is therefore now an integrated element taken into account by the engineers of our technical and design department. Creative work, source of innovation and differentiation, eco-design constitutes a positive approach on the environment and a lever for creating value.

Sustainable development

Acting as a corporate citizen and a socially responsible company, SPX LIGHTING integrates from the creation of its products:

Development targets which are part of the sustainable development policy.

– The notion of energy saving by helping our clients meet and achieve the new energy standards (RT 2012: < 50Kwh.m2/year).

– A search for innovative solutions reaching a reduction in energy consumption for the same lighting result and a reduction in maintenance.

Communication of the environment of the lighting system, taking into account the daylight level as well as the presence of people within the environement.

Drafting the development specifications which includes the recyclability of used materials.

Lifetime and Warranty

SPX LIGHTING warrants that each of its products are free from material and manufacturing defects.

The present warranty is valid for the mentioned period appearing on the technical data sheet of the concerned product, this unless otherwise specified in your sales contract.

If a product fails to perform in accordance with its warranty, SPX LIGHTING will replace it free of charge, subject to the terms of the limited warranty.


SPX LIGHTING ensures the traceability of all its products.

Standards & Quality

Our design process integrates international standards of the luminaire sector and lighting industry. The strict selection of our suppliers forms an integral part of the commitments made by SPX LIGHTING’s General Management.

We are committed to create the most favorable conditions for the permanent enrichment of the team within its profession, making quality its main and essential priority.

The implementation of our quality system must be exhaustive and true and must meet the requirements of the quality standards of our profession as well as the expectations of our customers.

Ethics charter

This ethics charter formalises the fundamental principles which guide the decisions and actions of our company.

Diversity Charter

Diversity is one of the foundation of a socially and economically successful society. This is why SPX LIGHTING wished to support and join the Diversity Charter.

Its purpose is to promote equal opportunities. The Diversity Charter contributes to develop a management based on trust and which respects differences. It improves team cohesion, which is a source of better living together and therefore of performance.