Museum of Immaterial Heritage
Jamaâ El-Fna de Marrakech

SPX LIGHTING and its partner ELECTRIMAROC are again very proud and honoured to share these few pictures of the Jamaâ El-Fna Museum of Intangible Heritage in Marrakech. A magnificent architectural setting, built in 1922 and recently renovated. Overlooking the bustle of the very famous “Jamaâ El-Fna” Square (“Square of the Dead”), listed as an intangible cultural heritage site by UNESCO since 2008, this museum today houses a magnificent collection of objects and heritage documents tracing the history of this important place, initially of justice, then later of trade, entertainment and tourism in Marrakech. The National Foundation of Museums of Morocco, the driving force behind this project to enhance and preserve this precious heritage, and ALOMRA allowed the use of our dedicated SYCLOP framers.

A visit to this marvellous, neat and colourful museum is not to be missed on any account during your next visit to Marrakech!

MOE : @AL OMRA Group

Distribution SPX Ligthing : @ELECTRIMAROC 

Lighting Design : A.K.