Photobiological hazard

Photobiological hazard

Since January 1, 2014, the luminaire standard EN 60598-1 ed.8 takes into account the retinal risk of blue light from LEDs and requires the photobiological safety assessment of luminaires with integrated LED or LED modules according to EN 62471.

Group General description
Group 0 without risk
No photobiological risk
Group 2 moderate risk
No risk due to aversion response for very bright sources or due to thermal discomfort
Group 3 high risk
Potential risk even for momentary or short exposure

Exemple of a technical sheet

In addition to the risk associated with the presence of a peak in the blue wavelengths, there is also the risk of light concentration and glare (luminance). In this case, recommendations of minimum distance, which must be respected between the luminaire and people, must be brought to the attention of installers (installation instructions for example).

In the same way, a logo indicates the wearing of protective glasses when it is necessary to look at the source in front (during installation for example).

SPX label

The European Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC requires manufacturers and sellers of lamps and lighting fixtures to assess and communicate the photobiological safety level of products marketed in Europe.